Safety First

By using Cristini seamed press fabrics,
you will not only comply with the industrial
safety needs and regulations, you will also
access a leading technology.
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Safety First

By using Cristini seamed felts you will not only comply with industrial safety needs and regulations, you will also be accessing a leading technology which brings superior results in a wide range of paper making applications.

People safety during installation
The safety of your paper machine’s crew is probably the main driver in deciding to use seamed felts designs. The height of some positions during felts changes can easily be more than 10 meters on some machines. Seamed felts solutions can eliminate many unsafe practices, especially when using some additional equipment to optimise safety.
Examples shown below include:

  • Triangular leader to safely run on the new felt
  • Pulling system for heavy pieces
  • Reliability of seamed felts installation on PM

Safety & Performance
By using Cristini seamed felts, you will access a leading technology increases safety and brings a superior level of performance:

  • High levels of dryness obtained with new designs using latest pressing concepts as nip dewatering and Komprexx™ technology;
  • Self-cleaning designs using the Prexx Family technology. Additional optimization of results can be obtained with PermFlowDUO™ regular scanning. Safety can even be boosted by using EasyScan™ permanent scanning whereby no human presence is required in the machine during measurement.

Safety & Costs Saving
Using these modern technologies also brings economic benefits:

  • Shorter stops, paper to paper, for felt changes with fewer tasks required during each shut as changing is simpler and easier means downtime due to clothing changes is reduced.
  • Reliable life time and performance to fit in with the machine planned shut schedule adding some more production hours.
  • Cranes become available for tasks other than felt installation and less manning is necessary for felt changing meaning operators can be redeployed to other tasks further reducing downtime and cost during planned shuts.

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