Process Control Tools Improve Machine Performance. Key words Machine Clothing, Process Control, Safety.
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By using Cristini seamed press fabrics, you will not only comply with the industrial safety needs and regulations, you will also access a leading technology.
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Dreaming to save up to 350.000 energy cost per year in forming? Install FiberScanFIXTM!
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Diagnostic Instruments allow paper machine running faster with better efficiency, thanks to accurate monitoring of the process.
Cristini forming fabrics
suit the type of machine
and the typical features
of the paper produced.
Cristini press fabrics,
in the forefront of innovation, help increase efficiency and reduce cost/ton
Cristini dryer fabrics contribute to reduce
paper making costs
through energy conservation.
Cristini offers a full line of carrier ropes and rope threading systems to cover extraordinary needs in terms of wear resistance.

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